Monkey Moments

Monkey Moments

Encounters in Rainforest Escapades

Ghazally Ismail


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An enthralling book on monkeys and apes of the rainforests. Fascinating facts about several primate species are reflected and appealingly narrated from experiential encounters in the wilderness of Borneo. The author brilliantly takes readers through the evolution of man by selectively highlighting the physical features and behavioural biology of the species discussed in the book. Unprecedented destructions of the rainforests have driven countless animal and plant species to extinction, including monkeys and apes. Immediate and effective conservation of the rainforest habitats remain their last hope. In this book, the author is advocating mindful approaches to saving these endangered species from disappearing forever. Evolutionarily, we need to recognise the unique commonality between us humans and the primates. The connectedness goes beyond the evolution of morphological changes and adaptable features. We also share the genesis of learning behaviour and building of culture. Additionally, the book is delightfully illustrated with drawings by the author himself as he reveals the science of nature through the eyes of a naturalist.


Ghazally Ismail:
Dr Ghazally Ismail received his PhD in Microbiology and Immunology in 1977 from Indiana University School of Medicine, USA. He has served as a professor at various universities in Malaysia and abroad. A prolific writer, he has published widely not only in his field of training but also on nature education and conservation. A consummate naturalist and an ardent environmental advocate, he finds himself in many interesting areas of conservation and research throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Besides writing, Dr Ghazally goes off at a tangent for distraction and travels for fulfilment. He believes the World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.