Sam’s Day Out

Sam’s Day Out

Kara Browning


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Sam is a tiny brown squirrel who loves to search for nuts in the forest. One day after scurrying up a tree to view all the nuts in the branches and on the ground, he gathers all he can carry and heads back to his treehouse.
After he invites Sally the squirrel over for a snack, Sam and his friend Flora the frog use their imaginations to create a fabulous nut blasters treat. When Sally arrives and sees the cool snack, she runs around in circles. She is so excited! As the two friends eat and play a fun game, they both realize the importance of friendship and interacting in positive ways.
Sam’s Day Out is the entertaining tale of a squirrel and his animal friends as he uses his imagination to create a spectacular nut-filled afternoon.


Kara Browning:

Kara Browning is a mother of two with creative talents in writing, design, and baking. She is an entrepreneur with a strong love for God and country, and a great desire to contribute to her community through volunteer and charity work. Sam’s Day Out is her first book.