The Alphabet Stories – Belle Belle the Busy Bee

The Alphabet Stories – Belle Belle the Busy Bee

Ziggy Zethron


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Belle Belle is a very busy bee, buzzing, baking, building and believing! Join her on a busy day as she buzzes around town on a fun and exciting journey, discovering a world full of words starting with the letter B and let The Alphabet Stories – Belle Belle the Busy Bee spark that desire to learn more words in a fun and interactive way! See how many words you can find that start with the letter B! ****** To parents and guardians, There are multiple studies that provide an undeniable link between a child’s vocabulary size and their levels of mental ability when they grow up. The wider the vocabulary, the more effectively you can read and, more importantly, understand what you are reading. There are also multiple studies that prove a wider vocabulary enables a better ability for a child to express themselves and interact with the world around them. So get reading, anything and everything! Books, signs, leaflets, anything with a word on it! Words are everywhere and all around us every day! Also don’t forget we are never too old to learn something new, so yes adults, this applies to you as well! You are never too old to learn a new word! How many words do you know that start with the letter B?


Ziggy Zethron:
The author is a child of the ’70s, has had a long career via various 9 to 5 jobs and now seeks to combine his passion for knowledge and reading with being a parent and storyteller. He is a husband and father and adores both reading to and listening to his three daughters, every day. This book is the first in his pursuit of creating magical stories that inspire fun, interaction and enjoyment of reading and words for both children and their parents or guardians, creating that special moment of story time together.