The Phantom Sock Eater

The Phantom Sock Eater

Scott Valentine


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Have you ever woken up in the morning to find that your socks have gone missing? You’ve searched high and low for them, only to wonder if The Phantom Sock Eater has taken them. Maybe he’s eaten them or maybe you just haven’t looked hard enough for your socks. You could make a fiendish plan to catch him if you can, but you would have to stay awake, and that might be difficult especially if you are tired. Maybe trust your kitty cat to protect your socks, and he will keep a watchful eye as he looks towards the moonlit sky. So when you go to bed, make sure that your socks are safely put away in the sock drawer, and sleep well because you never know when the hungry phantom will come a-calling.


Scott Valentine:
Scott Valentine was born and raised in the town of Marlow and continues to live in Buckinghamshire. He is married and has a daughter. For much of his working life, Scott has been affiliated with the IT industry. It was while working away from home, stuck in B&Bs and commuting on planes and trains, that he decided to write The Phantom Sock Eater, the inspiration coming from his own childhood. His mother used to tell him about the phantom every time he couldn’t find his socks in the morning. Now a parent himself, Scott has told the same story to his daughter – when you lose your socks, it might just be that phantom. You never know.