A Story Because You Are 3

A Story Because You Are 3

Norma Anne Kelly


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Do you dream of having wings to fly?
If you had wings and could fly, where would you go?
Would you fly to Nanna and Grandad’s house or to your friend who lives down the road?
This is a story of two cats that did just that.
Meet Vinny and Daisy, two of the most loveable, mischievous and adventurous cats you could ever wish to meet. Join them as they embark on their journey of a lifetime.
The cats become tired of living in Grimland, eating mice and chasing birds from the trees. Vinny and Daisy hatch a plan to travel to the Land of Applegarden, where they have heard there live two princesses and a baby prince in a large palace. Vinny and Daisy are sure that the princesses and baby prince would love to have two beautiful cats to play with, so they decide to travel and meet them.
The problem is, how to get to the palace. See how Vinny and Daisy seek the help of Queen Sophia of the unicorns and her magic wand. Do Vinny and Daisy overcome their fear of a big, fierce, barking dog? Join the beautiful cats on their adventure and experience how they are able to fly higher than any cat has ever climbed. Will they reach the palace in Applegarden, and will the princesses and baby prince be delighted to see them?


Norma Anne Kelly:
Norma Anne Kelly is married with two children, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She enjoys writing for infants.