You Don't Want to Know

You Don't Want to Know

The grisly, jaw-dropping and most macabre moments from history, nature and beyond

James Felton


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With his trademark brand of bulldozer-banter, Twitter legend James Felton guides you through the most morbidly fascinating facts you'll then wish you could forget.

Ever wondered why the chainsaw was invented?* How authorities dealt with a beached whale back in ye olde days of 1970?** Or what being a human decanter entails?*** Then you've come to the right place!

Within these pages you'll find the maddest, strangest and downright grossest stories from history, nature and science that you don't want to know. (Except secretly you really do you masochistic, beastly person you.) Illustrated, painfully funny and drop-your-jaw ridiculous, this is trivia from the cesspit of time that you won't be able to stop reading once you start.

*To aid childbirth.
**They exploded it with 100 times too much dynamite and rained blubber down on unsuspecting people and buildings.
***Decency prevents us from answering this one here. You'll have to buy the book to find out.


James Felton:
James Felton is a writer and journalist, whose articles regularly appear in the Guardian,Independent, Daily Mash and IFL Science. As a writer for television, his work includes the BAFTA award-winning The Dog Ate My Homework. Through his twitter platform of over 200,000 followers and counting, he is a well-known narrator of the Brexit crisis, averaging around 150,000 retweets a month.