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Dreena Burton


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From veteran cookbook author Dreena Burton comes a collection of 100 dependable and delicious plant-based recipes that everyone will love.

Dreena Burton has been creating plant-based, whole-food recipes for more than 20 years. Home cooks know they can trust her recipes to turn out great—and to be delicious! Now, she has created this one-stop resource for making kinder, more compassionate food choices, for other beings, for the planet, and for yourself. Whether you need weekly staple meals for your family or want a dish to wow your friends for a special occasion, Dreena’s Kind Kitchen has you covered with these reliable, flavorful, and healthy recipes.

You’ll find a variety of breakfasts, salads and dressings, small bites, soups, entrées, and sweets, including:

   Lemon-Poppyseed Muffins
   Wow ’Em Waffles
   Potato-Cauliflower Scramble
   Chipotle Chickpea Fries
   White Bean and Corn Chowder
   Pressure Cooker Quicken Noodle Soup
   Truffle-Salted Nut Cheese
   Beyond Beet Burgers
   Fiesta Taco Filling
   Italian Ratatouille 
   Holiday Dinner Torte 
   1-Minute Pasta Alfredo
   Crackle Blender Brownies
   Mango Carrot Cake
   Heavenly Baklava
Dreena also shares a cooking troubleshooting section so you can boost your kitchen skills. With helpful guidance on techniques, time-saving tips, and suggestions for repurposing leftovers into delicious new dishes, this dependable resource will boost your cooking confidence and help you find success in your own plant-powered kitchen.


Dreena Burton:
Dreena Burton is one of the pioneering vegan cookbook authors. Vegan for 25 years, Dreena is also a mom to three “weegans.” She has charted her journey as a plant-based cook and mother of three through five bestselling cookbooks. Dreena has also collaborated with renowned plant-based physician Dr. Barnard on The Cheese Trap and coauthored their most recent Cookbook for Reversing Diabetes. Dreena's recipes have been featured with groups including PCRM, Forks Over Knives, Blue Zones, and The Food Network. Dreena was also the Culinary Coordinator with The Food Revolution Network's Whole Life Club. Connect with Dreena’s online kitchen and community at dreenaburton.com.