Funny Butts, Freaky Beaks

Funny Butts, Freaky Beaks

and Other Incredible Creature Features

Sean Taylor, Alex Morss


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A delightful compendium of all the most unusual and unexpected features in the animal kingdom, from puzzling toes to weird ears, and all the other body parts in between!

"The title of this book alone will draw in curious readers. However, the text and illustrations are quick to inform the reader that there is a reason for those funny butts, freaky beaks, and all the other strange features found on animals....The text could be read aloud for educators using it in their wildlife and animal curriculum as the illustrations and information would be a nice contribution....Recommended."—School Library Connection

Discover why a firefly’s bum glows, take a look at a saiga antelope’s dangly nose, and marvel at a sun bear’s super-long tongue.

These creatures have strange features - but they all serve a very useful purpose! This charming and visually appealing book carries the underlying message that everybody and everything is strange and wonderful in its own way - difference should be celebrated!


Sean Taylor:
Sean Taylor is an author, poet and playwright who has written more than 40 books for young readers, including Hoot Owl (Candlewick, 2015), Good Dog (Frances Lincoln, 2020) and Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story (words&pictures, 2019) which he co-authored with Alex Morss.|||Alex Morss is an independent ecologist, journalist, author, educator and campaigner. With 20 years experience in publishing and 15 in ecology, Alex’s work involves defending and promoting the conservation of protected species and their habitats and creating opportunities for others to make exciting discoveries about the natural world, plus writing, editing, broadcasting on nature, science, conservation and environment.