The Story My Doggie Told to Me

The Story My Doggie Told to Me

Ralph Henry Barbour


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Excerpt: "Bow I always begin a story that way. It is what you Two-Legged Folks call "making your bow." With us dogs it means "Hello" and "How do you do" and "Good morning" and-and lots of other things too. And sometimes it means "Look out " You see, we have so many ways of saying it. Perhaps some day I'll tell you how to know just what we mean when we say "Bow "-like that-sort of quick and friendly; and what we mean when we say it slow and gruff, way down in our throats. And then there's "Wow " too. "Wow" is different from "Bow." And "Bow-wow" is still different. But this isn't telling my story, is it? "These are the first few lines of this adorable story for kids and teens who love dogs. With lots of black and white illustrations from the original 1914 edition.


Ralph Henry Barbour:
Ralph Henry Barbour (November 13, 1870 – February 19, 1944) was an American novelist, who primarily wrote popular works of sports fiction for boys. In collaboration with L. H. Bickford, he also wrote as Richard Stillman Powell, notably Phyllis in Bohemia. Other works included light romances and adventure. During his career, Barbour produced more than 100 novels as well as a number of short stories.