Great Transformation, The: Supply-side Structural Reform

Great Transformation, The: Supply-side Structural Reform

Supply-Side Structural Reform

Xiaohe Ma


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In recent years, the 'supply-side structural reform' has become a popular term in all regions and fields in China. The supply-side structural reform is the key component of the Chinese government's economic policy framework during the '13th Five-Year Plan' period. It is crucial in both theory and practice, to have an accurate understanding of its background, content, essential features, principles, and goals.The theme of the book revolves around the supply-side structural reform and analyses the concept from different perspectives, such as the basic theories and institutional framework, the fiscal taxation system, the financial system reform, and the innovation system. It attempts to address questions such as: how to understand the supply side and the demand side; why the supply-side structural reform is currently proposed; how to implement the reform; what are the changes brought about by the reform; what factors should be taken into consideration in its implementation; what are the policies to be developed in the process, etc.