Subtropical Fruits

Subtropical Fruits

Vol.03: Fruit Science Culture and Technology


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The various aspects of fruit cultivation mainly covered are nutritive and cultural significance; origin, history, and distribution ; taxonomical and botanical description ; climatic and soil adaptability; propagation technology and rootstocks; plant and fruit physiology; recommended and popular cultivars; planning and planting; soil cultural practices technology - water need, nutritional need, weed control, inter culture; plant cultural practices technology- training and pruning, fruit thinning ,fruit quality improvement, use of plant growth regulators; special problems; harvesting and production of fruits; post-harvest fruit technology; insect-pests and diseases management ; marketing and export potential. Section-1 covers 2 leading sub- tropical fruits of the country. Similarly, section- 2 covers 4 and section-3 covers 6 sub- tropical fruits in order of their importance. Scientists working in different Universities /Institutions and Research Stations have contributed chapter on fruit crops in their respective areas of specialization. The book will be highly beneficial to the graduate and post-graduate students in Fruit Science, fruit growers, scientists and extension workers.