Taking on Tory

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Taking on Tory

S.E. Smith


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Twenty-four year old Tory Carson is dying to get out of Magic, New Mexico and explore the world. She has spent her whole life cocooned in the protection of the close-knit community. When she finally gets a chance to go somewhere for three weeks, she would be crazy to say no. Even if, her father is screaming it!

Simon Drayton is a reclusive billionaire who has reinvented himself over and over again through the centuries. He has temporarily settled his headquarters in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. He is used to taking what he wants. He has learned that wealth and power are potent motivators for those who are greedy. Confusion reigns when he sets his sights on a beautiful, young female who is oblivious to his power.

After centuries of getting what he wants, he is shocked, and just a little bit fascinated, when he discovers that not all things are for sale. Things heat up when the irritating, young “human” woman refuses to play the game by his rules. She isn’t impressed with his wealth. She isn’t impressed with his looks. In fact, she acts like she isn’t impressed by anything he does, even when he flashes his teeth!

Find out what happens when a centuries old Werewolf discovers he isn’t the only creature who loves to bite.


S.E. Smith:

S.E. Smith, reconnue internationalement et nommée au New York Times et USA Today, est une auteur à succès de science-fiction, romance, fantaisie, paranormal, et d’œuvres contemporaines, pour adultes, jeunes adultes et enfants. Elle aime écrire une large variété de genres qui attirent les lecteurs dans des mondes qui les emportent.