Science Proves That God Exists

Science Proves That God Exists

William Schonfelder


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When I was in school back in the '60s, I was taught many things that I believed were factual and honest in truth and knowledge. As an example, that we came from monkeys and that the cavemen came from fish that walked on the land. My science teacher taught us that all things happened from a single Big Bang theory. I believed in these things that were taught to me so much as to defend them without any real information behind it other than what I was taught or shown. I even did this with my faith and religion because someone else who was more spiritual or educated than myself taught it that way. I just believed what they taught in the pulpit and on the radio.Then something happened to me that showed me that everything I believed was a lack of the "right" interpretation of what the current information was trying to show me. That example is explained in this book using a closed- or open-universe theory based on the instruments of the time.When you read this book you will see what I am speaking about. The information has meaning and purpose. Information is what gets you up, creates your beliefs, and inspires you to a purpose. Information can be misused as an example in the world wars and in today's example of fake news. Certain people choose not to accept the truth they hear unless they had concrete evidence about the information only coming from the source. It is those people who seek the source that the information comes from that is rewarded with the intention that the information intended in the first place.I chose the title because of a download that came from the source—God—answering all of my questions in one night, wide awake, and without my knowledge of it, except my loving wife, who witnessed this download. I have learned that when I go to the source, "purpose is defined, that created me. We must all find what that truth is and not just accept it because it was told to you that way from generations that one day decided this is how it is" (quote from the book Science Proves That God Exists).