Jenna and the Legend of the White Wolf

Jenna and the Legend of the White Wolf

J.B. Moonstar


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Dive into a world filled with nature and self-discovery as Jenna finds herself part of the Legend of the White Wolf…
A desperate call for help starts Jenna on a fast-paced journey to try and save Ituria, a unicorn trapped by hunters. After freeing him from the hunter’s cave, she must also protect him from a renegade wolf intent on taking over Ituria’s forest home.
Jenna may be human in East Forest, but when she travels into the Middle Forest she takes on another form: a large white wolf. Though she may look like a wolf, she doesn't fool all of the animals she encounters. Animals have many ways to identify and assess their environments and every animal’s survival is dependent on their many senses. She will have to learn how animals think in order to earn the trust of the creature who lives in the cave.
Join Jenna on her adventures in Middle Forest to rescue a unicorn, with the help of the forest animals and a very large dragon. During her quest, Jenna learns how she fits into the Legend of the White Wolf and must decide if she is brave enough to see it through!


J.B. Moonstar:
On Earth, red wolves are extremely endangered, and one of the last forest areas set aside for red wolf reintroduction has been sold for a housing development. Taylor has been watching a family of red wolves who will lose their home, and he wishes he could save them, but how could he save them and where could they go? Trusting a stranger to help, Taylor reaches the wolves in time; but how can they get the wolves out of the construction site without being seen? Taylor wonders if he has the courage and spirit needed to complete the quest and rescue this wolf family from certain death; and if one small boy can make a difference.