Scientifically Speaking

Scientifically Speaking

How to speak about your research with confidence and clarity

Jo Filshie Browning


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Now more than ever, the scientific and medical community is under the microscope and in front of the media. Science matters, and in a post-truth world it’s more important than ever for scientists and physicians to be heard.

But there’s a challenge. To get people to listen, you can’t communicate in writing alone anymore. You need to speak up and be seen - on stage, online, and on camera. To do this well you need to master the art of influential speaking, which is something you weren’t taught at university or medical school.

This book teaches you how to become a compelling scientific speaker so that you can put your message across with confidence and clarity, both online and in person. It’s written by a speaking coach with 25 years of experience in science communications.

Part One shows how speaking can help you to win the war of attention, benefiting both your field and your career.

Part Two explains how to craft your scientific message in a way that connects with your audience and achieves your goal. Including how to be memorable, handle the Q&A, and communicate risk.

Part Three gives you a tool kit for speaking with energy and conviction in all types of situations. These include virtual channels, which are particularly important in the post-COVID era.

Jo Browning is the Founder and Managing Director of Filshie Browning Associates, and its Principle Consultant. She has 25 years of experience in verbal communication skills, and helps scientists and physicians to improve their content, competence, and confidence, so that they can communicate with impact and authority. This enables them to enhance their reputations and build more effective relationships with both their peers and others.


Jo Filshie Browning:
Jo Browning is a specialist in verbal communication skills, and for 25 years she has been helping scientists and physicians to speak with impact and authority. Jo trained as a journalist at BAFTA and Emmy award-winning Insight News Television. She then moved into public relations, and has held a variety of senior positions in science and healthcare communications in the UK, France, Australia and Switzerland. She holds an English degree from Oxford University, a Diploma in Public Relations, and a Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Science and Society’. She lectures on science and corporate communications. Today, her knowledge of media training, including presenting in-person and on camera, is in demand across all scientific sectors. Overall, she’s trained more than 10,000 people across 23 countries and four continents. Jo is the Founder of communications company Filshie Browning Associates, and Scientifically, a training company that supports doctors and scientists to communicate science.