Grammar for Literacy: CfE

Grammar for Literacy: CfE

Jane Cooper


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Syllabus: CfE (Curriculum for Excellence, from Education Scotland) and SQA
Level: BGE (S1-S3) and Senior Phase (National 4/5)
Subject: Literacy

Grammar matters. Understand how to use and structure language correctly to make your meaning clear.

Learn about parts of speech, punctuation, sentences, paragraphs and spelling as you are guided through simple explanations, strategies, progressive activities and revision tasks.

Grammar for Literacy equips pupils with the building blocks for success in exams, coursework and adult life, and facilitates literacy development across the curriculum.

> Understand the essentials. Key concepts that pupils need to remember are introduced in 'explanation' boxes.

> Put theory into practice. 'Building', 'Strengthening' and 'Extending' tasks enable pupils to apply their knowledge and skills, through a mix of solo and group work.

> Check and consolidate. 'Bringing it all together' revision tasks at the end of each chapter can be used flexibly for classwork, homework or assessment.

> See the big picture. 'Crossover' boxes make links to prior and future learning, cementing pupils' knowledge and skills.

> Avoid common errors. 'Mistake' boxes contain examples and tips to ensure that pupils get it right in their own writing.

"I wrote this book because it was the one that I wanted to use in school when I was a teacher, but it didn't exist."
Jane Cooper


Jane Cooper:
Jane Cooper has taught in Edinburgh schools for 25 years, and was SQA marker for 15 years. She has written CfE unit assessments and is the author of textbooks on many aspects of CfE English.