Poetic Therapy

Poetic Therapy

Henry Miller


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I have gone through some ruff and crazy times in my life. I have traveled the word and experienced different things in my life. From being raised by a pimp and drug dealer to having a great job and losing it to not having a place of my own to lay my head. But through perseverance I have made it through the fire and came out blessed by God! At a young age, I guess some would call it a gift, but I have always had the gift of poetry. And thank God, he found something in me to be able to share with the world. And from some awesome minister’s in my life from the late Rev Wooten, Rev King, Bishop Andrew Ford and last but not least Pastor Niki Hampton and my BMF Pastor Mark Hampton I have been able to stay the course and maintain the spiritual foundation from some of the pastors mention above. So now I would just like to share some of the poems and thoughts in this book with the world. I feel that poetry has helped me throughout my life with some things that should have had me laying on a leather couch talking to a doctor. But God is great, and he is my psychiatrist, and my writing helps me through when I need an outlet. So, I hope that when reading this book, it might help you one day, and you can pass it on to someone. Some of the poems are just what I like to think are good reads but others I hope are therapy for others. God Bless you and please pass on the words of encouragement in the book. Thank You!


Henry Miller:
Born in Columbus Ohio, Graduated from East High School Air Force Veteran After leaving the Air Force lived in Philadelphia for most of my life. Beautiful daughter, Akira, 2 lovely grandchildren Amirah and Saleem. Currently running my own company, HBM My passion is in the Dominican Republic working with underprivileged children. Goal and desire; Move to the D.R. and continue working with the children and retire there. My dream; build a church in the D.R.