Sexstation Ark

Sexstation Ark

A New Nation a New Society

David J. Nowel


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Living in Space is very bland compared to what we Earth people experience in our everyday life. They don’t have beautiful sunsets, the smell of the ocean, no breeze, no rain, no grass, no trees, no snowcapped mountains, and not even day and night. Yes, they do have artificial gravity. Therefore, the Arkians’ motto, WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD, that task is aided by their sophisticated machines. Recreation is their number one priority because of their dangerous work duties. Their most sophisticated computer, Genie is used solely for recreational purposes and matchmaking. She is even able to administer some of the newest recreational drugs while using monitoring devices in the administration of these new pharmaceutical grade chemicals. Genie is always coaching them towards sexual experimentation. Plastic surgery is ubiquitous, since they have now been able to create synthetic human skin. As in all times, women are quick to take advantage of discoveries for creating new fashions. Some have skin resembling the feel and texture of snakes. Others even change their eyes to resemble eyes of a snake, cat eyes, eagle eyes, shark eyes or whatever they can imagine. They can even change their bodily dimension, including their height. Some even change the sound and tone of their voice. The game they like to play while spending intimate time with their mate is being fooled or surprised. Sometimes never knowing whether it is their mate or not. At parties, rewards are given for the best disguises and for those who achieve the best deceptions. I think you can get the picture of all those unlimited possibilities. It is all part of the business plan, keeping their workers happy and not to mention their abundant financial rewards. Why else would people want to live up there in those space stations? They must be doing something right. The ARK is on its way; it is becoming the new superpower.