The Slave Race

The Slave Race

Part Ii - Reaction

John Hall


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Joe Peters returns to Ulon. A planet controlled by an empire that engineered him. But despise him, as they only accept blind obedience. He must decide his next move, as mankind is depending on his might. The new ‘Slave Race’ is being created, while the old is dying out. But Joe is yet to understand the storm ravaged world he now returns to. The Legardean’s have in their grasp what they’ve been searching for. They now only need to reach out, and take the millions they need, to build the new force. A slave race that will secure their future for millennia to come. But they now realise they have created their own possible downfall, so will stop at nothing to eliminate the threat. Only with help from Connor Wilson, his willing companion, and those around him, can he hope to resist the might of the Legardean Empire.