The 60% Solution

The 60% Solution

Rethinking Healthcare

Todd Furniss


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The 60% Solution offers a bold new vision of how to radically improve the availability and affordability of healthcare by focusing on five critical components:

  1. Emphasizing primary care,
  2. Clarifying pricing
  3. Standardizing accounting and IT
  4. Modifying Health Savings Accounts
  5. Changing governance
Author, Todd Furniss, and industry insider, offers clear and practical solutions to the complexity of healthcare while examing the historical missteps that landed us facing ongoing systemic dysfunction. The book takes on the task of solving the impersonality of healthcare as well as creating an industry that embraces and manifests a compassionate delivery model, putting the power of choice in the center of the relationship of doctor/care-giver and patient. Our current system is far too costly, ineffectual, and cold; it violates the ideological and moral tenets of a caring nation. High insurance premiums and insurmountably large bills have left countless citizens under mounds of debt or rolling the dice with their lives. This book is about the actionable measures we as individuals can take to become financially capable, educated, and engaged enough to demand the far-reaching reform necessary. It is a call to action to have all see the benefit of true healthcare reform that focuses on driving consumerism while vastly improving personal choice and access to affordable care.


Todd Furniss:
Todd Furniss has over 25 years of global experience in private equity, consulting, and operations as a senior level operating executive. Mr. Furniss has done business extensively throughout the Americas, the European Union and Asia. Additionally, he has implemented operations strategies that grew businesses in more than 10 industries. He currently serves as the CEO of gTC Group, a private investment firm dedicated to creating value for stakeholders in middle-market, technology-enabled business services, financial services, and healthcare companies and the correlated real estate. His life circumstances have lead him to develop a passion for healthcare and a strong desire to address and rectify our current system’s shortcomings.