Coaching Youth Sports

Coaching Youth Sports

Guidelines to Ensure Development of Young Athletes

Charlie Sullivan


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From research that has taken place on youth sports, to the structure you should use when starting your team, and the importance of winning, this book gives you valuable information for you as a coach. A coach will learn the science of how a player learns and techniques to be used to increase motivation. The best coaches are the best teachers and this book gives coaches the most important tricks that great teachers use.


Charlie Sullivan:

Charles Sullivan is an 11-time National Champion and “All Time Greatest Coach” recipient from USA Volleyball, is that winningest coach in the history of Div. III Men’s Volleyball. His 23-year run at Springfield College has included a 94% wining percentage since 2012 and a record 10 straight National Championship match appearances all the while being promoted to full professor on campus in the Physical Education Department.