Zentangle Dingbatz

Zentangle Dingbatz

Patterns & Projects for Dynamic Tangled Ornaments & Decorations

Brian Crimmins


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•    “Dingbatz” embellishments are a fun complement to hand lettering, scrapbook, and art journaling projects.
•    Zentangle fans are always looking for more resources to feed their habit. This book not only gives them techniques to practice, it gives them a world full of canvases to bring beauty and joy to others.
•    Brian Crimmins is a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, and trainer who uses the Zentangle Method in his individual and group coachings and throughout his workshops.
•    Zentangle titles sell on average 25,113 copies per title with an average net sales of $102,521.


Brian Crimmins:

Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), coach and speaker Brian Crimmins has taught the Zentangle® Method in art museums, tea houses, and in private homes. He has also exhibited and sold his own Zentangle-inspired art in galleries and at community art shows. Inspired by a concept called “Dingbatz” introduced by Zentangle founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas in 2017, Brian started creating his own inspired Dingbatz designs, and quickly began teaching them in classes and to other CZTs at conferences. He loves to demonstrate the unique anatomy of Dingbatz with Zentangle, and he challenges his students to make their own.