Short Tales of the Old Wild West

Short Tales of the Old Wild West

Dr. Ardeshir Irani


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Join the gang in the Old Wild West as tales unfold about the best gunslinger in the territory, lawmen, kidnappers, Indians, renegades, bounty hunters, and outlaws. Meet characters of all types as action and adventure ensue in each story. A creative mix of fiction and fact, Short Tales of the Old Wild West brings to life the good, the bad, the courageous, and the cowardly. "Up from the cold gray depths of the Canyon River they came, men wearing eerie fish-mask heads. Night stretched a blue canopy of stars above the Navajo tepees as strange figures glided like shadows among the dwellings of these nomad people. The tepee flaps lifted as the fish-headed men abducted three Navajo virgin girls. Like shadows, the fish-men came, and like shadows, they left, carrying away the females on their shoulders as they fled back beneath the cold, murky waters that was their home. For an instant, the Navajo warriors were dazed, and then they gave chase after the abductors." - Excerpt from "The River Water Ghosts"