Moctu and the Mammoth People

Moctu and the Mammoth People

Illustrated Edition

Neil Bockoven


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  • Neil has been doing big lectures at universities and museums for this book
  • He's a geologist and gets asked to speak constantly, he always promotes his book with his talks
  • Looking into opportunities for library talks, and more
  • Promotion to schools, children's librarians, etc.

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    Neil Bockoven:
    Neil Bockoven is an award-winning PhD geologist and journalist with 35 years of experience in industry.

    He has been featured in: Geological Society of America Bulletin, Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, Virginia Journal of Science, and many other scientific journals. Neil is a member of the Archaeological Institute of America, the Archaeological Conservancy, and is an Impact Member of the Center for Study of the First Americans.

    His current interests center on the interaction between Early Modern Humans and Neanderthals during the Paleolithic Age, and the amazing related discoveries being made through archaeology and genetics. In addition to Moctu and the Mammoth People, Neil has also published a related children’s book titled When We Met Neanderthals.

    For more about Neil Bockoven visit his web site at