Mix and Match Knit Sweater Designs

Mix and Match Knit Sweater Designs

Choose your favorite neckline, sleeve length, fit and style, stitch patterns, & so much more * Over 70,000 possible combinations

Rita Maassen


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Knit the sweaters of your dreams!

Rita Maassen's easy-to-use system for interchanging the elements of basic sweater designs is genius and will have you making sweater after sweater to your own specifications. The book begins with six basic pullover designs, then the author explains her system for mixing the elements--necklines, armhole style, color and texture patterns, silhouette--and gives you the instructions for each different design element. Finally, she puts her system into practice in 23 unique sweater designs, giving the full instructions for each and explaining which elements she chose and how she put them together, so that you may then either follow these patterns as written, or do your own mixing and matching to create your own unique sweater pattern. Over 70,000 different sweaters are possible with the options presented!


Rita Maassen:
Rita Maassen is a knitwear designer and the author of 30 Knit Ponchos & Capes (Stackpole 2019). Since 2010, she has been offering her handmade fashion and numerous knitting patterns under her own Fashionworks label.