All God's Children

All God's Children

Aaron Gwyn


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∙ Readers of well-researched US historical fiction;
∙ Readers interested in frontier and Western stories told from fresh, often-overlooked perspectives;
∙ Readers wishing to place modern US culture into its historical context;
∙ For readers of Inland by Tea Obrecht; The Son by Philippe Meyer; The Sacco Gang by Andrea Camilleri; News of the World by Paulette Giles

∙ A historical novel about contemporary America, slavery, gay rights
∙ Author’s previous novels were well-reviewed by NYT, Wall Street Journal, etc.
∙ Focus on typically marginalized characters in a genre that too often understates their impact in American history
∙ Impeccable historical research combined with lyrical writing and exciting plot will appeal to a broad range of readers
∙ Pub date timed to coincide with election, as people become increasingly aware and vocal about the importance of these themes


Aaron Gwyn:

Aaron Gwyn is the author of three novels. His fiction has appeared in his story collection Dog on the Cross, finalist for the New York Public Library’s Young Lions Fiction Award; and numerous magazines and anthologies such as Esquire, McSweeney’s, Best of the West, and Every True Pleasure: LGBTQ Tales of North Carolina. He is associate professor of English at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, where he teaches fiction writing and American literature.