God's Absolute Love Truth

God's Absolute Love Truth

Joy Maloy


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In the Bible we read in Isaiah 55:8-9 that God’s thoughts and ways are higher than our thoughts and ways, as higher as the heavens are higher than the earth higher! So, why wouldn’t we want to know what they are? And even though the Bible, inspired by God, was written by different men at different times in history, it is consistent. In fact, we see things repeated throughout it that can teach us something about God. For instance, when we see ‘fingers’ in the Bible, we can find a message about judgment. In this book, we follow things that are repeated in the Bible to learn about God. God’s word is amazing like that! And God’s Word is the absolute love truth!


Joy Maloy:
The Author is a wife and mother who has a passion to help people keep on believing that the Bible is the holy inspired word of God. She loves to travel and golf with her husband. She is also a photographer.