Guilty as Blood

Guilty as Blood

One Can Make a Difference

R. C. Jette


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Burroughville seems like a pleasant town with manors and quiet living. But it's a town full aa gossip and prejudice by many who sit regularly in church. Luke Drake, a police officer, struggles with the town's love of gossip. He stayed because he believed one can make a difference. It's a challenge when his sister owns the diner that is gossip headquarters, and his chief mocks his faith at every opportunity. Luke finds himself in turmoil after receiving a call about a disturbance at the Johnson Manor. When he enters the parlor, he sees Elizabeth Johnson with the murder weapon in her hands, her husband lying dead on the floor, and a large clotted gash on the right side of his head. Although this was fodder for gossip, Luke believes things aren't what they seem to be. Pastor O'Reilly encourages him to trust God, who knows the beginning and ending. But Luke understands that the in-between time can challenge one's faith. This is a story revealing that steadfastness in faith can make a difference no matter how difficult the obstacle. Through Luke's endeavor, things are changed, and some of God's children are blessed!


R. C. Jette:
R. C. Jette is a Christian author with a bachelor of theology, a master's in biblical studies, and an honorary doctor of divinity. Previous books published by Wipf and Stock Publishers can be found at
The author and her husband, Paul, live in sunny Florida. They have three adult children, four living grandchildren, and a granddaughter, Sarah, with the Lord.