The Truly Brave Princesses

The Truly Brave Princesses

Dolores Brown


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The book feels modern in its references and social cornerstones while retaining a classic, elegant style thanks to Wimmer's gorgeous portraits of the princesses in their crowns, each facing a page of that princess in action. Brown and Wimmer use diversity not only to highlight important differences among people, but also to show how these unique traits and interests allow every princess to choose her own path. If every girl is a little princess, this book shows that to keep that crown requires only finding things to love in life and pursuing them. ~Kirkus Star Review and BEST BOOKS OF 2018

There’s a princess closer than you think. You just have to open your eyes and your heart wide.

Don’t expect your typical fairytale princesses inside this book. These princesses are neighbors, schoolmates, the cashier at your supermarket, a lawyer, an architect…The Truly Brave Princesses will help you realize that, if you watch closely, princesses are all around you, and they are brave, caring and determined.


Dolores Brown:
Dolores Brown thinks that society speaks of “perfect” women making use of the metaphor of princesses. However, few women actually resemble the idea of princess that literature and mass media divulge. She vouches for trying to overthrow those concepts of princesses, in order to make the other princesses, the truly brave princesses, relevant to the world.