The Kitchen Flowers

The Kitchen Flowers

Around the Globe Cooking; 200+ Delicious Recipes

Debbie Brethold


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This book captures health and wellness and a bold and mindful approach to a healthy eating lifestyle. It celebrates the gastronomic and cultural customs of American, Mexican, Greek, Hispanic, Italian, Indian and Chinese. Something else to look forward to in this book are gobs of goodies for cooking fun and drinks that will blow your mind. Make your family flip when you serve up these dishes at dinnertime. No matter what’s bringing you to the table I hope you’ll find new recipes you can’t wait to share and enjoy everything from meats to beverages and breakfast to dinner. Some that may seem rich or heavy by today’s standards. Prepare them as is or change them and substitute lighter ingredients to suit your own taste or dietary needs. Expand your kitchen repertoire with authentic recipes from turnip bake, cobb egg salad, lemon sesame pistachio crusted chicken, sushi, pork and shrimp pad thai, cajun sirloin with mushroom leek sauce, chicken lombardy, shrimp scampi, mushrooms with shirataki noodles, roasted butternut squash soup, maple bacon wrapped carrots and hazelnut coconut bread. Get fancy in the kitchen if you enjoy that sort of thing. Keep the fridge stocked with raw veggies and fruit. I find it helpful to wash them as soon as I bring them home from the market. Some veggies like carrots, celery, sweet peppers and cucumbers can be sliced ahead of time. Keep washed mixed greens on hand so that you can always throw together a quick salad. Remember almost any leftover can be turned into an omelet or stir fry the next day for a whole new meal.


Debbie Brethold:
Let me tell you a little something about me. When I was a child cooking wasn’t really what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until later in life that I grew a love for cooking finding that baking and incorporating new and exotic ingredients and flavors were exciting. The kitchen was where we congregated as a family. I shared special times in the kitchen with my mom and before I knew it a meal was prepared. She always presented cooking as fun and exciting which made me eager to pitch in. For me cooking isn’t a chore nor a task it’s a refuge. In the kitchen i’m in my comfort zone and for the longest time I thought everyone shared the same cosmic experience I have while cooking until I saw the panic that possessed people when confronted with the thought of being in the kitchen. Later in life I just might have been the pickiest eater around. My go to cuisine when i’m cooking on an ordinary weeknight is somewhere in the Mediterranean. Entrées with chicken, vegetables, herbs, garlic, lemons and olive oil and zoodles of course are our favorites. I don’t know why I gravitate to these bright flavors. I didn’t grow up with them. Our version of Mediterranean was pizza or spaghetti with meat sauce. I rely on them mostly for health reasons and the quick and easy cooking methods. I wrote this book to remove the assumption that it takes hours of slaving over a hot stove to prepare a great meal. The book is filled with recipes that will serve as your guide to cook healthy and flavorful dishes. I hope you enjoy them.