The Enneagram at Work

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The Enneagram at Work

Unlocking the Power of Type to Lead and Succeed

Jim McPartlin


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This program includes an introduction read by Jim McPartlin

Use the power of the Enneagram to become a more effective, capable leader

The Enneagram at Work is the first audiobook to harness the insight of the Enneagram to transform leadership in today’s workplace. A veteran of the high-profile hospitality industry with two decades of experience working with the Enneagram, author Jim McPartlin has seen firsthand the way self-awareness can radically transform leadership, strengthen teams, and spark creative solutions. From giving and accepting criticism to fostering strong mentorships and managing conflict, The Enneagram at Work will give you invaluable tools for growing and thriving in your career.

For the longtime Enneagram fan or those who are just learning to identify their type, The Enneagram at Work helps listeners explore the full breadth of their type, becoming aware of their blindspots in the workplace and leaning into their strengths more fully. Each chapter includes actionable exercises and practices so that listeners can move from learning to doing and apply their insights in the real world.

A Macmillan Audio production from St. Martin's Essentials


Jim McPartlin:
Jim McPartlin is a renowned hospitality consultant with over three decades of leadership experience across the luxury hotel industry. Most recently employed as the Vice President of Leadership Development at Forbes Travel Guide, Jim is also a recognized authority on using the Enneagram as a means of understanding interpersonal workplace relationships. Over the past 20 years, Jim has taught hundreds of courses on the Enneagram and emotional intelligence and has delivered keynote speeches and seminars on this topic across the globe. He actively works as a professional coach with clients ranging from American Express, Chanel, Geico, and XL Construction.