Office of the Prophet

Office of the Prophet

A Comprehensive Study

Janice E. Wagner


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This study came about from a teaching on the manifestation gifts of the Holy Spirit the author prepared for the altar workers at The People’s Church of Santa Fe in New Mexico.  That teaching has been incorporated into this study.  During the discussion on the manifestation gift of prophecy, it was stated that operating through the gift of prophecy does not make someone a prophet. The question arose, “what is the difference between the gift of prophecy and the office of the prophet?”  That was when this study was born.  This book includes scriptural teaching on the office of the prophet which is one of the five-fold ministry gifts or offices.  The book teaches how one knows he has been called to be a prophet.  It discusses the manifestation gifts of the Holy Spirit as tools used by  prophets to accomplish what the Lord has assigned them to say and do.  There are also examples of how the Holy Spirit has operated in the life of the author over her 40 plus years of serving the Lord as a prophet of God.


Janice E. Wagner:

The author is an ordinary person who loves the Lord with all her heart.  She heard the Lord speak to her in June of 1979 telling her that He was calling her to be his mouthpiece to the body of Christ.  She  responded by suggesting  God made a mistake.  She humbly accepted His call but left the door open for him to withdraw his call when he realized his mistake.  God never lifted his call from her.  In fact, as she has learned to trust him more and more over the years, his anointing has become stronger, and he has developed boldness within her to speak for him in powerful ways.  Hers has been a 40 plus years journey of ministering under his anointing and his call.