How to Create an Idea If You Are Not Ogilvy

How to Create an Idea If You Are Not Ogilvy

The Secret Weapons of Advertising

Alexey Ivanov


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Why are recommendations like "Think outside the box!", "Go around", "Think Different!" the real killers of creative thought?
What are the eight proven tools which lead to a winning idea, even for one who does not consider himself a creative person?
What is the ideal product and how does it help to sell the real product?
What is a powerful approach ad people can borrow from physicists and children?
Why is the trial-and-error method a sure way to waste intellectual resources?
How do you force competitors to advertise your services?
What is functional blindness and how does it reduce human creativity?
How can you compel a banker to pay you 10 times more for your job?
Why does a true advertising professional constantly feel like a loser?
How does a poetry reading improve response on copywriting?
Which useful insights can an advertiser learn from a taxi driver?
How has symmetry prevented seeing the obvious solution during seven decades?
Which tool is the favorite among advertising men of all countries, times, and nationalities?
Alexey Ivanov, one of the best advertisers and copywriters in Russia, gives convincing answers and provides fresh new insights.


Alexey Ivanov:
Alexey Ivanov, PhD, has worked at BBDO, Publicis United Campaigns, Y&R. He is the director of MasterUm (, a creative agency with experience in face-to-face sales. Ivanov, who is included in the rating of experts of the Russian Federation ( and a member of the Moscow Union of Journalists, co-owns 11 patents and is the author of 16 books on advertising and marketing.