The Book on Negotiating Real Estate

The Book on Negotiating Real Estate

Expert Strategies for Getting the Best Deals When Buying & Selling Investment Property

J Scott, Mark Ferguson, Carol Scott


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The first edition of this book sold more than 18,000 units.


J Scott:
J Scott spent much of his early career in Silicon Valley, where he held management positions at several Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft and eBay. In 2008, J and his wife Carol decided to quit their corporate jobs, move back East, start a family, and focus on real estate investing. In the past ten years, they have bought, built, rehabbed, sold, lent-on and held over $60M in property all around the country. J is also the co-host of The BiggerPockets Business Podcast and the author of four books on real estate investing, which have sold more than 200,000 copies and have helped investors from around the world get started with real estate. J and his family currently live in Sarasota, FL.|||Mark Ferguson has been a real estate investor and real estate agent / broker since 2002. He has flipped more than 165 homes in that time, and he currently owns more than 20 rental properties—including single family homes, commercial properties, and a 68,000 square-foot strip mall. Mark has sold more than 1,000 homes as a real estate agent and is the owner and managing broker of Blue Steel Real Estate in Greeley, Colorado. Mark started the InvestFourMore blog and website in 2013, which contains hundreds of articles on real estate. He is the author of six real estate books, including Building a Rental Property Empire and .|||Carol Scott balances being a stay-at-home-mom with also being an entrepreneur and marketing expert. After spending much of her career managing marketing organizations for influential companies like eBay and Franklin Covey, Carol turned to real estate investing. Since 2008, Carol has worked with hundreds of buyers and sellers to acquire and disburse over $40M in real estate, and has worked with her husband, J Scott, to launch and build several corporate brands. All this in addition to raising two crazy and wonderful boys.