The Children Small Bible

The Children Small Bible

Matumayini Lilia Mboleza


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Honestly, The Children Small Bible is very good with totally full of, “Good News,” of holy gospel from the Holy-Spirit. So, every person or everybody must always pay attentions and listen or focus on the Lord God’s word and also you must respect God’s, “Good News,’ then you people will have the everlasting life. and the eternal life. Honestly, by doing this all of your positive deeds [good deeds] will make you to become, “present,” into God’s book of Life, but also to become, “Absents,” out of God’s book of punishment for negative deeds {bad deeds or wrong doings}.


Matumayini Lilia Mboleza:
Hi, my name is definitely known as Matumayini Lilia Mboleza also , “Lilia,” is my nickname from Christian water baptism. I came from a country called, “Democratic Republic of the Congo [Zaire]. It is located in central Africa. In the city known as, “Uvira,” but I was obvious born in a common suburb called, “Sange,” I arrived to Australia on Tuesday the 8th/March/2005. As the years gone by, in 17th/August/2015, I completed a certificate, “acknowledgement of Training,” then I immediately became an Australian author or Aussie writer of short stories book. I totally understood myself that I am a writer who will always write book as a profession.