The Adventures of God’s Team

The Adventures of God’s Team

God’s Number Book 1-12



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God’s Team, a group of young and eager crew members, is asked by God to do yet another mission for Him. They certainly are accepting of the challenge. With prayer and guidance from Him, they embark to write a simple number book that presents the numbers 1 to 12 for beginning learners. Using the Bible, each number reflects a piece of God’s Word. The team worked hard to find the bible references through God’s guidance. Along with all twelve bible references to the numbers, the bible verse theme of the book is accomplished: Isaiah 28:26 says “For He instructs him in right judgment, His God teaches him.” The team listened to God and accomplished the mission, which is something that all children can learn to do while learning their basic numbers from 1 to 12.


With twenty-five years of teaching, thirty-one years of parenting, and now six wonderful years of grandparenting for six beautiful grandchildren, one learns a lot about kids and what kids need to feel worthy and successful in life. I was proud to be doing God's work all these years through my parenting and teaching. It wasn't until I experienced a life-changing event where God saved me from injury and death, that I realized that I needed to do more for him. It is God that has inspired me to write for children. These books will serve as inspiration to the children to do good things in life, to live a godly life, and to help others. I hope to touch the hearts of all children with the blessings and the teachings of the Lord through my stories.