Organized Money

Organized Money

How Progressives Can Leverage the Financial System to Work for Them, Not Against Them

Keith Mestrich, Mark A. Pinsky


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Two leading figures from the world of finance show how progressives can take their money away from conservative financial institutions and put it to good, lasting social use

The U.S. financial system may be working for some people, but it isn't working for most of us who care about progressive causes. In fact, our financial system taps your money to pay for a conservative agenda. It's a heads-they-win, tails-you-lose game when the fees you pay to use your credit card finance fossil fuels even when you buy green products. Conservative "money muscle" shapes our culture, society, politics, and public policy.

In this bold call to action, two leaders from the world of progressive finance propose a strategy to challenge this conservative dominance of the financial sector: organized progressive money. It's a $10 trillion plan for a full- service, market-scale progressive financial system. Mestrich and Pinsky explain how progressives can take control with financial institutions of their own and products that align with progressive values.

Organized Money warns that until progressives organize their money, they will lose again and again while conservatives will keep winning. It's a crucial message for the next progressive era, starting with the make-or-break 2020 election cycle, where American voters will be presented with a choice between conservative market fundamentalism that leaves them out or inclusive restorative capitalism that is good for people as well as profits.

Written in clear, engaging prose for non- financial readers and finance leaders alike, Organized Money is required reading for everyone ready to confront the excesses of conservative power and influence.


Keith Mestrich:
Keith Mestrich is the president and CEO of Amalgamated Bank (AMAL), the nation's leading socially responsible bank. With twenty-five years of experience working in the labor movement and nonprofit organizations, Keith is a leader in the movement to build wealth for a purpose, not just for a profit. A noted social justice leader and popular speaker, he is the author (with Mark Pinsky) of Organized Money (The New Press). Mestrich lives in New York City.|||Mark A. Pinsky, the founder and president of FiveFour Advisors, led the community development financial institution (CDFI) industry from 1993 –2016. With a track record of aligning capital with social, economic, and political justice, he was the strategic voice for the industry's $140 billion in assets under management. He is the author and editor of several books, including (with Keith Mestrich), Organized Money (The New Press), as well as a writer and speaker on finance and society. Pinksy lives in Philadelphia.