Fantastic Fidget Spinners

Fantastic Fidget Spinners

Everything You Need To Know! Plus Amazing Hacks and Tricks!

Emily Stead


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You’ve seen them on the subway, in offices and on playgrounds: Fidget Spinners are everywhere. They’re the latest toy craze sweeping the globe, low-tech handheld spinning gadgets that are widely proclaimed to be both entertaining and soothing.

In Emily Stead's Fantastic Fidget Spinners, readers of all skill levels are treated to a comprehensive guidebook on everyone’s favorite fad, including tutorials for 30 tricks of varying difficulty; DIY customization guides and hacks for making spinners faster and cooler; and detailed fun facts about how Fidget Spinners work and where to get them.


Emily Stead:
Emily Stead is a fan all things Fidget Spinners—what they can do and all the fun to be had with them—and lives in the UK.